From earliest times, thanks to the knowledge of agriculture of our ancestors, the consumption of grains and cereals has been a beneficial resource for the communities in Mexico, and throughout the world.  These foods have come to be used in various kinds of preparation and are also used as an excellent nutritional complement.

Cereal grains are today and will continue to be an inexhaustible source of nutrition, known for their high energy content and for crude fiber, which is highly recommended by the leading nutritionists. La India Verdeña® has selected the best grains and cereals and, after a careful, hygienic process of toasting and mixing with natural aromatics, can now offer powders with which to prepare such traditional drinks as “Agua de Cebada” (a barley-based drink) and Tiger Nut Milk, both nutritious and refreshing.  They are also used to prepare the exquisite atoles prepared from a base made of corn and cream of wheat, with a high energy content, so our consuming public can buy them and prepare these delicacies at home, with full confidence that with our brand, La India Verdeña® , they are getting products without any conservatives, without artificial coloring or artificial flavoring.